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Coffee Nerdery: The Aarhus(Danish) Edition

I recently traveled to Aarhus in Denmark for a [Goto Conference][goto]. As always, I obsessed over where to get coffee that doesn’t suck. I did some searches before I left and couldn’t find much besides a Starbucks and a place called [Baresso] that looked ok. What I learned when I got here is that Baresso is a local chain and makes acceptable coffee, compared to Starbucks, but not really all that great. Their airport store, despite using a La Marzocco, made pretty crummy cappuccino. It was burning my hand through the cardboard sleeve and had a stupid amount of milk.

Once I was ensconced in my hotel, I did some more searching and found better search results now that I was in the same town. What I found were two very good places. The first was a place actually named [Great Coffee][great] and the other was a place called [Sigfred’s Kaffe Bar][sigfreds]. Both places were great. I’m afraid I fell down on the job and forgot to notice what they were using to make espresso.

Great Coffee is exactly what I’m expecting to find in an artisan coffee shop. My cappuccino came in a 5oz ceramic cup and was delicious. I asked and the owner roasts his own beans. You can see the roaster right in the shop. They also have a pour over bar and a few things I’d never seen before, one of which looked like a bunsen burner.

Sigfred’s actually has 3 locations within about 2 miles of each other. The nicest one is in the shopping district on [gundesomething]. The owner tends this shop and is very friendly. The interesting thing about Sigfred’s is that they have a large cappuccino and then what he calls a New York Cap. I think the cup size for that is actually 4oz and doesn’t contain a full 2oz of espresso. But the roast is very carmely and smooth on the tongue. I really enjoyed this shop and I liked the owner a lot.

Both shops had wifi and pastries. Sigfred’s also has some cold sandwiches.

When I left town on Saturday morning, I was sad to discover that Baresso is the only place open at 8am. I missed one last visit to Sigfred’s for sure. I did see several other coffee shops in the area but as I’d found two very reliable ones, I felt sated and didn’t explore any more.