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Coffee Nerdery: Irving Farm, New York

Irving Farm Coffee Roasters
Location: New York, 14th St & 7th Ave, Uptownish
Espresso: Irving Farms
Machines: La Marzocco & Doge
Coffee Art: yes
WiFi: Unknown
Served in: 8oz ceramic cup
Drink: skim cap
Visited: 9/2/12

Verdict: Noms. Seems like a lot of places in NYC are serving Intelligentsia coffee. While I don’t object necessarily, it’s nice to see a coffee shop using locally roasted or even better, roasting its own. My drink was mild and reminded me a bit of Stumptown with it’s citric tinge. They heated the milk a bit more than some places but it was still drinkable and I like my milk with a smidge of heat so the drink doesn’t cool off too soon. I’m guessing they heat to 145-150.

There are four small tables and a wall bench at this location, so the lounge factor isn’t high. However, the was an elderly man enjoying his newspaper when I got here and so I’m guessing foot traffic isn’t too obnoxious. The shop is small and unassuming from the outside and I wouldn’t have noticed except I got off the subway there and was looking for friends.

Fyi, no public bathroom

Final Word: Noms.