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Coffee Nerdery: Financier, New York

Financier Coffee
Location: New York, Cedar & William, Downtown, Financial District
Espresso: Financier (roasted in Park Slope, Brooklyn)
Machine: La Marzocco & Mazzer
Coffee Art: No
WiFi: kind of (“It’s not working right now”)
Served in: 8oz ceramic cups after I asked twice for “here”
Drink: skim cappuccino
Visited: 9/2/2012

This drink had the potential to taste good. Unfortunately the barista had no concept of micro foam or craftsmanship. The taste is a little harsh but I can see that it could taste awesome if prepared correctly.

Financier prepares and roasts their own beans and so I may come back again and check as it has the advantage of being close to where I’m staying and the subway stations are totally horked with construction this weekend. (n.b. I didn’t. I walked to Kaffe 1668 in search of a sure thing).

The pasty case looks amazing but I won’t be able to report on that. The store has long bar seating at the window plus some table in the back. While I prefer the dark hipster coffee shops, this is still ok. The music is kind of pop/r&b dreadful. There’s no public bathroom either btw.

Also, beware, a small cappuccino is really only one shot. They divide the shots. When I saw that, I asked for the second. This annoyed me.

Pros: cap tastes good despite mangled prep, bright and airy if you like that, PASTRIES!
Cons: Inexperienced baristas, Split shots (who are you, Starbucks?), crappy wifi

Final word: Beats Starbucks and the nearby Blue Spoon