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Coffee Nerdery: Macchiato, NYC

Location: near Times Square
Espresso: Macchiatto 44 roasted by Seattle-based Fonte Micro Roasters
Hardware: Fonte branded
Coffee Art: No
WiFi: unknown
Served in: 12oz cardboard cups
Drink: skim cappuccino
Visited: 8/29/2012

Sorry, no picture. This was on the run with friends.

Macchiato is a local two-shop chain in NY. It’s a restaurant as well as coffee bar and appears to have a brisk lunch crowd. Seating is small tables and chairs. This was a spontaneous stop after having lunch with friends near Times Square. We stood in a long but efficient line. I was alarmed at the amount of milk they poured in my 12oz drink and thought it would taste more like milk than coffee. While I would have preferred less milk, the taste was still sweet, I could still taste coffee and the micro foam was lovely. The temperature of the drink was fine without a sleeve and the taste was nicely sweet, leading me to suspect they probably use local and/or premium milk. I prefer my caps with less milk, but if you aren’t picky about lattes vs caps, you’ll probably like it. If I’d actually ordered a macchiato, it probably would have been lovely.

Pros: Fast service, lovely taste, great micro foam
Cons: Busy and lacking in attention to detail.

Final word: I would go here if I were near but wouldn’t go out of my way to get some and I might look around for something different if I were planning ahead. I think 12oz cups are way too big for most drinks, but it did taste good, so YMMV. It makes me interested in checking out Fonte Coffee Roasters in Seattle!