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Coffee Nerdery: La Colombe

La Colombe
Location: New York, NoHo@400 Lafayette
Espresso: La Colombe
Machines: La Marzocco & Mazzer
Coffee Art: yes
Wifi: unknown
Served in: 8oz ceramic
Drink: skim cap
Visited: 9/2/12

This was a quick stop while out shopping with a friend. There’s ample seating and it’s a light, airy space. My coffee was ok, although it was a smidge bitter. I’d probably have to try again to see how I liked the coffee. However, it’s a great place, good for meeting a friend or stopping in and they take their coffee production pretty seriously. I didn’t actually see a menu anywhere although I wasn’t looking.

They did have an adorable water “fountain” that offered room temperature, cold or carbonated water and they’ll offer you a water cup no problem. The staff is professional and fast. This coffee shop had the most starbucksian feel to it of all the shops I’ve been too, but I don’t really mean that in a derogatory way. I just mean that they turned out product quickly. The product they turned out was definitely far superior to anything Starbucks will serve you. I still prefer low-lit, shabby, hipster joints, but I’d have no problem coming back here.

Pros: Fast, good coffee
Cons: None really