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Coffee Nerdery: Blue Spoon

Blue Spoon
Location: New York, Downtown (Williams and Platt)
Espresso: Intelligentsia
Hardware: La Marzocco + Mazzer
Coffee Art: No
WiFi: yes, from the park across the street (NY DTA), sketchy
Served In: 8oz cardboard
Drink: skim cappuccino
Visited: 8/31/2012

This is a small shop at corner of William and Platt in the Financial District. The coffee is too hot leading me to guess they overcook the milk. I ate half a bagel waiting for it to cool off. If I had been walking, I would have wanted a sleeve, which I generally never need with artisan coffee joints. It was interesting that the beans were Intelligentsia as the taste seemed to have a lot more licorice or citrus than the other locations serving the same beans. Reminded me a bit of Stumptown when it’s pulled too long.

Other, non-coffee specific: It’s hot in here. It’s a very small space and I think there’s some a/c near the counter, but I’m about 8 feet away at a window bar and sweating while drinking my coffee. Also, despite ordering “for here,” I received cups with lids on them and a bagel toasted but wrapped up in wax paper and a lunch bag.

Pros: They’re 2 blocks from where I’m staying and bagel noms.
Cons: scalded milk, bitter, citric taste, location heat.

Followup: It was 90 degrees Friday afternoon, so I opted to walk back here despite the meh experience of the morning. I got the same kind of drink that I think had even more milk than my morning cups. Very disappointing experience for a shop that actually has a La Marzocco in residence.

Final word: Despite the La Marzocco, this shop is not serving artisan coffee and I don’t recommend it. It beats Starbucks, but just barely. Intelligentsia should investigate the crimes being committed against their beans in this location.