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Coffee Nerdery: Kaffe 1668

Kaffe 1668
Location: New York, Tribeca a few blocks from the GZ Memorial
Espresso: Intelligentsia
Hardware: Synesso & Mazzer
Coffee Art: Yes
WiFi: yes
Drink: skim cappuccino
Served in: 6oz ceramic cups
Visited: 2012 Aug30, Sep1 & 3

This coffee shop was recommended to me by a casual Facebook friend who moved to NYC from Minneapolis and used to be a barista himself.

Kaffe 1668 is a lovely little shop with dark wood tables and benches. It’s quite dim inside and I really like it. They serve espresso drinks and individually brewed coffee. My cappuccinos were low temperature and actually cooled rather quickly as I was lollygagging. However, they were very good and I enjoyed every drop. In a world where too many drinks are made with scalded milk, I’m ok with the consequences of low temps. The shop has cold pastries. I had a scone on my first visit and a breakfast sandwich on a baguette on the next. The scone was good, the baguette was chewy(I know nothing about french breads so take that fwiw).

Your wait for coffee can be significant. The line moved a bit slow and it took a while for my drinks to be made. However, it’s worth it as the baristas are perfectionists and won’t serve a substandard drink. On my first visit I was informed that my second cup was late because they were remaking it. I understand they recalibrate espresso pulls throughout the day here which is awesome.

One thing worth mentioning is that it seems to be a stroller destination on Saturday mornings. It’s still worth it for good coffee which seems to be missing in most of Downtown, but cranky babies can be a bit tough on the ears in the early morning.

Bonus: They’re open on Labor Day. Guess where I’m going when I get up tomorrow?