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Things I Learned at Surge

Generalists are awesome.  Value them or you’re doomed.  They make the best diagnosticians, especially when systems are large, complex, distributed and workgroups reside in silos.

Cloud is awesome.  Except when it’s not.  Understand your vulnerabilities. Plan for failure. Don’t abuse your ops guys. Don’t abuse your devs.  Be interested in what others are doing even if it doesn’t (seem to) directly apply to your job.

Buy a fucking SSD.  Hack your kernel.  

DNS is sexy.  

Just because it’s up doesn’t mean it’s working.

Why use IBM when we have Rabbit?

Often the best solution is a hybrid.  Don’t reinvent the internets unless you’re feeling clever.

Sales guys employ dragons and fire to prosecute leads.  Shun assholes.  OS projects should never skip over the governance role.  You can always tell who’s doing devops right because they are genuinely happy.

Etsy used to be the anti-pattern for awesome until they experienced a culture shift causing them to become our role model for even more awesome.  LOLcats and LOLgoats make presentations even better.

The best part about Surge is knowing that I was surrounded by so many smart people.  I love the hallway track and listening to others talk about their systems, the challenges and solutions.  I love hearing about project goals that would never have occurred to me.  I love all the ideas I get from all the smart people talking around me all the time.

The only unfortunate part of the week was that there were several opposing talks where I would have liked to see both.  I hope that there are some videos posted eventually.